Due to the continuous use of fresh lemon fruits in saloons which easily go bad , Active living organic care products has added value on fresh lemon fruits and reserved for you the juice you are always interested in and added for you important ingredients good or your hair and the skin as well and this was done through adequate research supported by the incubation hub of Bishop Stuart University , it has other products like lemon hand wash , herbal jells , onion powder , essential oils , ointments , hair shampoos , indigenous micro organisms which keep away the bad smell from pit latrines and pig sty’s. you can reach us through visiting all our social media platforms or calling relevant numbers indicated their on our page . lets go organic in the field of agriculture , health and environment and this will build our countries especially low developed African countries through improving health , creating employments and market for farmers of those very crops like lemon fruits .

Thats the online training by Youth in technology helping us to spread this important information world wide which will save local people against infectious skin diseases got from saloons like ring worms among others .
Web2community training on social media and online marketing .
The same as above still in organization .

Author: active living uganda

Active Living U Ltd is a start up fully registered company located in Mbarara industrial park , we manufacture personal care and public health products of the plant origin with our flagship product being the lemon aftershave.

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