In recent days , people have discovered the secrets in lemon fruits especially those in our local saloons . Lemon fruits have got anti bacterial properties which help to prevent accumulation and development of fungal and bacterial diseases in saloons such ring worms , rushes , cuts made by the shaving machines , dead skin layers commonly known as Situka and Orushu in Luganda and Runyankole respectively .

But in doing all the above , they miss use them in a way that once you slice it and squeeze the juice out of it , apply on the first customer and go for the next customer , that very sliced lemon fruit starts molding due to the action of bacteria and fungi , so after shaving the first customer , they squeeze the already sliced lemon fruit to get the juice again , but remember at that moment , its already infected and contaminated .

So that the following customers after the second one all face the problem of being applied on the already contaminated juice which exposes them to higher chances of developing the fungal and bacterial diseases .

But we as the young innovators , we are not going to allow this and its why we have come up with a lemon aftershave which is organic and 100% alcohol free which makes it different from all other aftershaves in the market .

Our product also caters for the Moslem bothers and sisters who don’t like alcoholic things which are common in other aftershaves as among the ingredients they use .

Through doing this , we shall be able to improve our peoples health , create jobs as we have hopes of expansion , create a large market for those farmers growing lemon fruits and protect the environment because we use biodegrade ingredients and our packages can be recycled .

We have other products like lemon hand wash , indigenous micro organisms among others .


Author: active living uganda

Active Living U Ltd is a start up fully registered company located in Mbarara industrial park , we manufacture personal care and public health products of the plant origin with our flagship product being the lemon aftershave.

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