why use lemon aftershave from active living consult .

Most unisex shaving saloons across Africa have resorted to use of fresh lemon fruits due to the continuous demand from their customers .

This is because people have realized that most aftershaves in the market are chemically made and so not good for their health.

As active living consult , we made a survey on saloons using fresh lemon fruits and we found that fresh lemon fruits easily go bad once sliced due to the effects of bacteria and fungi since slicing the fruit widens the space for the entry of micro organisms.

And we well know bumps and other skin infectious diseases like ring worms that maybe got from saloons are caused by fungi and bacteria.

So its the reason to why we have made for you an aftershave from lemon fruits which is preserved and so does not under go fermentation added in other ingredients like aloe Vera which heals wounds created on your skin by machines while shaving , olive oil which is rich in nutrients good for the skin and your hair plus avocado oil.

This aftershave is very unique in the market in a way that;

It is herbal and 100% alcohol free compared to all others in the market.

Its inflammable compared to others in the market which may easily catch fire once exposed nearer to fire.

So our Moslem brothers who are anti alcohol just know our aftershave is 100% alcohol free and so good for all religions .

For someone who wants to live an active life , buy and use products from active living consult.

Author: active living uganda

Active Living U Ltd is a start up fully registered company located in Mbarara industrial park , we manufacture personal care and public health products of the plant origin with our flagship product being the lemon aftershave.

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