ACTIVE living is a startup Company supported by Bishop Stuart University Agribusiness Incubation Hub Located in Kakoba division of Mbarara Municipality.

The Company intends to be a manufactures and dealer in public Health and personal care products of floral origin. The Company has prioritized the field of public health products and personal care products due to the increasing demand for professionally manufactured green products in the industries of cosmetics and public health.

My startup business idea is to manufacture personal care and public health products, mainly of the flora origin.  This is because the demand for herbal products is continually increasing, as customers are becoming more and more health conscious.  My first business idea was to produce lemon aftershave, using lemon extract and Aloe Vera as base.  These have anti-bacterial and wound healing properties.  I watched many hair salon operators in my community in south western Uganda, using fresh lemon juice instead of the common brands of aftershave, after shaving hair and beards yet the lemon juice easily goes bad if not preserved like they use it.  They used this as a natural alternative to the commonly used chemically made and alcohol-based aftershaves.  As an innovator at the same time an agri-prenuer, I decided to produce an aftershave from lemon fruit juice extract with Aloe Vera and other oils such as avocado oil, which is rich in nutrients, and good for human skin.  This product is unique from other aftershaves in the market because it is herbal, 100% chemical free, has healing properties, inflammable, reverses the effects of sun rays for people who shave all the hair completely and good for hair-cuts. My customers have found it to be a good alternative to the common brands of aftershave.

I discovered that the remains of the lemon fruits and Aloe Vera could be used to produce herbal pesticides, since the demand for organic foods is also steadily increasing.   In addition to lemon aftershave, I have since moved into producing public health products from herbs.  I produce hand-wash, liquid soap and toilet cleaner, using lemon-grass oil and lemon-eucalyptus oil.  These products are eco-friendly, affordable and have the natural organic scents from the herbs.  I am building a business around herbal personal care and public health products.

Author: active living uganda

Active Living U Ltd is a start up fully registered company located in Mbarara industrial park , we manufacture personal care and public health products of the plant origin with our flagship product being the lemon aftershave.

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