ACTIVE living is a startup Company supported by Bishop Stuart University Agribusiness Incubation Hub Located in Kakoba division of Mbarara Municipality.

The Company intends to be a manufactures and dealer in public Health and personal care products of floral origin. The Company has prioritized the field of public health products and personal care products due to the increasing demand for professionally manufactured green products in the industries of cosmetics and public health.

My startup business idea is to manufacture personal care and public health products, mainly of the flora origin.  This is because the demand for herbal products is continually increasing, as customers are becoming more and more health conscious.  My first business idea was to produce lemon aftershave, using lemon extract and Aloe Vera as base.  These have anti-bacterial and wound healing properties.  I watched many hair salon operators in my community in south western Uganda, using fresh lemon juice instead of the common brands of aftershave, after shaving hair and beards yet the lemon juice easily goes bad if not preserved like they use it.  They used this as a natural alternative to the commonly used chemically made and alcohol-based aftershaves.  As an innovator at the same time an agri-prenuer, I decided to produce an aftershave from lemon fruit juice extract with Aloe Vera and other oils such as avocado oil, which is rich in nutrients, and good for human skin.  This product is unique from other aftershaves in the market because it is herbal, 100% chemical free, has healing properties, inflammable, reverses the effects of sun rays for people who shave all the hair completely and good for hair-cuts. My customers have found it to be a good alternative to the common brands of aftershave.

I discovered that the remains of the lemon fruits and Aloe Vera could be used to produce herbal pesticides, since the demand for organic foods is also steadily increasing.   In addition to lemon aftershave, I have since moved into producing public health products from herbs.  I produce hand-wash, liquid soap and toilet cleaner, using lemon-grass oil and lemon-eucalyptus oil.  These products are eco-friendly, affordable and have the natural organic scents from the herbs.  I am building a business around herbal personal care and public health products.

why use lemon aftershave from active living consult .

Most unisex shaving saloons across Africa have resorted to use of fresh lemon fruits due to the continuous demand from their customers .

This is because people have realized that most aftershaves in the market are chemically made and so not good for their health.

As active living consult , we made a survey on saloons using fresh lemon fruits and we found that fresh lemon fruits easily go bad once sliced due to the effects of bacteria and fungi since slicing the fruit widens the space for the entry of micro organisms.

And we well know bumps and other skin infectious diseases like ring worms that maybe got from saloons are caused by fungi and bacteria.

So its the reason to why we have made for you an aftershave from lemon fruits which is preserved and so does not under go fermentation added in other ingredients like aloe Vera which heals wounds created on your skin by machines while shaving , olive oil which is rich in nutrients good for the skin and your hair plus avocado oil.

This aftershave is very unique in the market in a way that;

It is herbal and 100% alcohol free compared to all others in the market.

Its inflammable compared to others in the market which may easily catch fire once exposed nearer to fire.

So our Moslem brothers who are anti alcohol just know our aftershave is 100% alcohol free and so good for all religions .

For someone who wants to live an active life , buy and use products from active living consult.


Today as a team of Active Living Organic Care products , we are ready to give out free training to those farmers around Mbarara Uganda and Neighboring districts . All you need is starch food like sweet potatoes among all others and we help you make indigenous micro organisms which will help you eliminate the bad smells in there .


In recent days , people have discovered the secrets in lemon fruits especially those in our local saloons . Lemon fruits have got anti bacterial properties which help to prevent accumulation and development of fungal and bacterial diseases in saloons such ring worms , rushes , cuts made by the shaving machines , dead skin layers commonly known as Situka and Orushu in Luganda and Runyankole respectively .

But in doing all the above , they miss use them in a way that once you slice it and squeeze the juice out of it , apply on the first customer and go for the next customer , that very sliced lemon fruit starts molding due to the action of bacteria and fungi , so after shaving the first customer , they squeeze the already sliced lemon fruit to get the juice again , but remember at that moment , its already infected and contaminated .

So that the following customers after the second one all face the problem of being applied on the already contaminated juice which exposes them to higher chances of developing the fungal and bacterial diseases .

But we as the young innovators , we are not going to allow this and its why we have come up with a lemon aftershave which is organic and 100% alcohol free which makes it different from all other aftershaves in the market .

Our product also caters for the Moslem bothers and sisters who don’t like alcoholic things which are common in other aftershaves as among the ingredients they use .

Through doing this , we shall be able to improve our peoples health , create jobs as we have hopes of expansion , create a large market for those farmers growing lemon fruits and protect the environment because we use biodegrade ingredients and our packages can be recycled .

We have other products like lemon hand wash , indigenous micro organisms among others .



Due to the continuous use of fresh lemon fruits in saloons which easily go bad , Active living organic care products has added value on fresh lemon fruits and reserved for you the juice you are always interested in and added for you important ingredients good or your hair and the skin as well and this was done through adequate research supported by the incubation hub of Bishop Stuart University , it has other products like lemon hand wash , herbal jells , onion powder , essential oils , ointments , hair shampoos , indigenous micro organisms which keep away the bad smell from pit latrines and pig sty’s. you can reach us through visiting all our social media platforms or calling relevant numbers indicated their on our page . lets go organic in the field of agriculture , health and environment and this will build our countries especially low developed African countries through improving health , creating employments and market for farmers of those very crops like lemon fruits .

Thats the online training by Youth in technology helping us to spread this important information world wide which will save local people against infectious skin diseases got from saloons like ring worms among others .
Web2community training on social media and online marketing .
The same as above still in organization .